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1. How to buy brewing equipment on our website?

  • Click near the choosen product on the button CONTACT ME
  • Fill in the form with your personal data.
  • Our sales team will recontact you within 72h et will have a coupleof questions to finalize the quote
  • Our sales team will establish a quote for you
  • If you decide to buy the product through our web a buying contract will be signed between us

2. With whom will I conclude a contract when buying brewing equipment?

For products with a unit price below 2 000 Euros VAT excluded, your contract will be signed with the company SMART ALLIANCE Ltd based in CZech republic.

For products with a unit price above 2 000 Euros VAT excluded - the majority of products indeed -, your contract will be signed with the manufacturer of the product directly. The sales team will assist you personally in all administrative stuff to conclude your contract.

The 2000 Euros value is orientative and can vary upon the agreement between SMART ALLIANCE Ltd and the manufacturer of the product.

3. I did not find the brewing equipment I wanted to buy. What is the next step?

Write us on about this lack, and we will try to find the product missing in our range for your satisfaction.

4. Why may I not buy online on your web?

Our company prefers to keep a role of prescriber / advisor in your choice of brewing equipment supplier than becoming a simple reseller. The advantages for the brewers are clear:

  • prices are equivalent to manufacturer´s selling prices,
  • comunication in English with a sales team managing on your behalf the commercial relationships with suppliers speaking most of time another language than English !

5. How do we earn money?

We get a small part of the manufacturer´s margin on the brewing equipment. Thus we do not overprize the brewing equipment at a reseller price. That is the main difference with resellers which are getting additional margins above the manufacturer´s selling price. We are in fact brokers ...