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Who are we?


At the beginning of the creation of the website managed by the EU registered company Smart Alliance Ltd, there are 2 beer passionate who are long-term friends, Nenad and Tomas.

Nenad, on the left and Tomas on the right, at Austerlitz Brewery belonging to the Czech manufacturer of brewing equipment DESTILA.

Nenad Tutunovic is the legal representative of the company and a sales-technical manager for different German and Czech manufacturers of craft brewing equipment. French but Slavonic of origin, he settled himself in Prague (Czech republic) some 20 years ago. For the last 5 years, he is visiting French and Belgian brewers selling them brewing equipment. He developped with his friend Tomas this website for enabling to European craft brewers to get proofed and qualititative brewing equipment from European manufacturers.

Tomas Hub is a graduated Czech Master-brewer who is intevening for training brewers all aroundf the world who are buying brewing equipment and needs training during the commissioning. He is also officially the Master-brewer of Purkmistr Pilsen brewery. He helped Nenad to develop his range of brewing equipment sold on this website. Tomas worked all around the world: South Korea, Spain, Kazhakstan, Russia, Switzerland, France, Czech republic, Slovakia ...


Our selling prices are identical to brewing equipment manufacturers. We are in 99% of case not operating as a reseller but a broker. Most of time, the manufacturer remains the seller, and we are only your prescribers and advisors for getting the best of the craft brewing equipment you are buying.


Our sales references are numerous, consult it on the main page by clicking References.